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Her Game Too are absolutely over the moon to announce our first partnership in the Super League Greece with AEK Athens: professional football club based in Nea Filadelfeia, Athens. 


Expanding our work into Europe has always been a goal for us as a campaign and this feels really significant for all involved. 


Director, Amy Clement, has been in touch with Vivi Nomikou for 18 months and both AEK Athens and Vivi herself have demonstrated a strong interest in the Her Game Too campaign and the broader cause of fostering a welcoming environment for female fans. Their commitment to inclusivity aligns perfectly with our mission and we are excited to join forces to amplify our impact.


Together, we aim to implement initiatives that promote inclusivity and diversity within the fanbase. By fostering an atmosphere that celebrates the passion for the game irrespective of gender, we believe we can contribute to creating a more equitable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in this fantastic club.


Vivi Nomikou from AEK Athens said:


“We are proud to announce our new partnership with Her Game Too, an organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in football. This collaboration is a significant milestone for AEK FC, as it reflects our commitment to creating an inclusive and vibrant fan community. We are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on our fans and the broader football community.

Together, we will work tirelessly to empower female fans, staff members, and players, ensuring that everyone feels valued and connected to the beautiful game.

This partnership is a testament to our shared dedication to making football more accessible and inclusive”.


Thank you so much to AEK Athens for embracing the Her Game Too campaign and for their dedication to making a positive change in the football community. This partnership is a testament to the club's commitment to creating an environment where every fan, regardless of gender, feels valued and safe!


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