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What got you into football?
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Feb 16, 2022
My dad got me into football, him and my family had been going to games for as long as I can remember, when I was 7 he started asking me to go but I insisted I hated football so wasn’t going (despite actually playing football from the age of 4). When I was 9 and the millers had just moved into their temporary home of Don Valley Stadium we were selected to be a TV match, my dad turned to me and said “are you coming then, you might get on TV“ obviously I agreed what 9 year old doesn‘t want to be on TV! So off I went in my brightest colours, be bright be seen, right?? Green jeans, bright yellow JLS hoodie with a red millers shirt over the top, fashion icon, I know, almost the human Pooh Bear… but I did it I got on TV, from a great distance granted but I could still pick me when I watched it back, so that was a win. And from that moment Rotherham United had my heart. A heart they broke that season losing to Dagenham and Redbridge at Wembley 3-2 in the playoffs💔. And 13 more seasons later, I am still Millers obsessed. Football has been responsible for some of my favourite highs as well as lows, I’ve made some fantastic friendships through football as well. The phrase “it’s more than a game” is thrown around so often but I truly believe it to be true. Not to mention the numerous players I’ve mentally wifed myself off with, the notable few include Nicky Law, Kari Arnason and currently Michael Smith. The only footballing regret I have is never experiencing Millmoor.
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