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What got you into football?
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Feb 17, 2022
I have my Dad to thank for my love of football. He was always trying to find something which me and brother could enjoy doing together on the weekends in Cardiff. I can still remember the first time I walked into Ninian Park to watch a game. My brother spent the majority of it reading the programme and I remember I couldn't take my eyes off the game. Walking home down Sloper Road, I couldn't stop talking about the game and couldn't wait to get back. It only takes 1 game for you to get hooked. My brother didn't enjoy the day half as much as me so going to football became a regular father/daughter outing instead. From that moment on it was football everything, 24/7. Soccer AM (Lovejoy/Chamberlain era of course) in the morning, Cardiff game in the afternoon and then MOTD and The Championship before bed. Due to the number of games we were attending, my Dad decided it was time to get us both season tickets in the Bob Bank Terrace and my cousin Chris would join us also. We'd stand on the edge of the box and swap at HT so I could see the goals better. Every Christmas my Dad would get me a new shirt with my favourite player on. We had to stop this tradition as I got older as I would jinx players to leave the club. 1 shirt (Chris Gunter) I didn't even get to wear to a game before he left!! 14 season tickets, thousands of miles traveled, joyous wins and heartbreaking losses later, we are still following our beloved Bluebirds 💙 Football is a rollercoaster of emotions. The togetherness of the crowd, the last minute equalisers that makes it feel like a massive win, the bus breaking down on the way home from away games, the celebrations with strangers next to you, fans go through it all! You can't appreciate the highs with your team without sticking around for the lows. I also have Cardiff City to thank for me finding my husband. Tom use to stand near me in the Canton End and we are now ticking off the 92 together. One of my favourite memories together is following Wales across France in Euro 2016, it honestly felt like a once in a lifetime summer with us travelling home from 1 game and booking more leave to get back out there for the next. The experiences and people you can meet through the game is incredible. It can bring lots of wonderful people into your life, without it you would probably never even cross paths. I've attached a glamorous photo of me in my favourite Cardiff City shirt. My Dad bought me this to wear in my first game in the Grange End (eventful experience) and I absolutely lived in it! Also very on trend wearing a bucket hat 🙈
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