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Caz May
Feb 15, 2022
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I'd love to hear all of your stories about who or what got you in to football? Embarrassing photos to go with it are a bonus! I'll start - My mum supports Bristol Rovers and my dad and brothers support Bristol City (I know, the dinner table was always a laugh). So I had the choice. My dad made the mistake of taking me to Bristol City when I was about 4 years old and they got hammered so from then on I thought football was terrible 😂. Then I decided to give it another go at the age of 12 (only took me 8 years to get over my Bristol City trauma x). I heard my mum and Uncle Steve banging on about going to Cardiff to watch Rovers in the JPT final vs Doncaster Rovers. I asked if I could go and she was over the moon that her daughter was finally showing some interest!! We got off the train and it was a sea of blue & white. The atmosphere was bouncing and my little 12 year old mind was BLOWN. We lost the game 3-2 but still, I was hooked from there. I badgered my mum to take me to every single home and away game and I had a season ticket the year after. My favourite players were Richard Walker and Rickie Lambert. I was OBSESSED. I bought all the merch. Scarf, gloves, the calendar on my wall etc. 15 years later, I'm still here. Still obsessed with Rovers. Still travelling home and away in the basement league even though we have got absolutely no where in the past 15 years. All of this because of that *one* game I went to as a kid. This is why we don't let anybody tell us we don't belong just because we are female, btw. Here are some terrible pictures of my younger self from 2008: I'd love to hear all of your stories pls 💙!
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Caz May
Feb 09, 2022
In General Chat
Hi All, Welcome to the #HerGameToo forum. Please use this space to discuss your experiences and connect with other female football fans. We are here for any support and questions. Please be respectful 🤗 Thanks, Team #HerGameToo
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Caz May
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