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What got you into football?
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Feb 16, 2022
It was because of my dad. Growing up it was either like it or lump it so I liked it. He used to play and we’d go up the local park to watch him, I remember hanging around the goal posts while he was in goal. He then managed a team for a while And we’d go and watch. My first memory of going to a game was at Reading’s old Elm Park, I don’t know what game it was but I remember sitting on the wall of the South Bank at the front. Fast forward many years, Reading got into the Simon cup final and a girl at Secondary school, Andrea was a mad Reading fan and got me hooked again. I remember telling my Saturday job that I couldn’t work Saturday afternoons anymore as I was going to watch the football. I used to finish at 1pm, and peg it across town to get to a game. I used to meet up with my Dad and Grandad and go with them. We used to go home and away and travelled all over. My younger sister got into supporting them as well and we’d got together too As we got older. I bought my first house round the corner from Elm Park to make life easier, and worked at The Spread Eagle pub across the road from the ground. My football attendance tailed off when I had my children, due due o/h’s shifts and finances. I think my last game was whilst 7 months pregnant with my now 16yr old, all the way to Coventry to watch a dull 0-0 draw in their shiny new ground. Now the children have got older, both my o/h and I can go to our respective teams matches and I now go with my daughter to Reading games, along with my dad (her Grandad) to carry on the 3 generations going to matches together. Saying That, she’s off to Wycombe with her dad and uncle on Sat to watch his team, Cheltenham Play the Chair boys.
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