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What got you into football?
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Lizzie K
Feb 17, 2022
Neither of my parents were interested in football but my dad was an Estate Manager in Suffolk in the 70s & 80s and knew the Cobbold family who owned Ipswich Town. So, when we had our cup run in 77/78 culminating in the win at Wembley I got caught up in the hype. I spent all the summer begging my dad to take me to a game. My 10th Birthday was in September 78, so, for a quiet life, and thinking it would be a one off, he took me. Well that Saturday afternoon I fell in love for the first time! The game, the atmosphere, the fans, everything! I didn't shut up about it for days and eventually persuaded dad to take me again in the November. After that it was pretty much every Saturday home game and a week night when he could. It was our time together, especially after my parents split up. Eventually he said I could go by myself (probably around 12 ½) and that was it. I got a job washing dishes in a restaurant as soon as I turned 13 and took myself to every game I could afford to, home & away! Eventually I got married and moved away but only ever went home to Suffolk during the football season!!! I'm 53 now, living in Spain but still go when I'm back. Unfortunately dad passed away suddenly last September just after my birthday but he gave me the greatest gift ever for my 10th birthday and I'll be forever grateful that he gave into my nagging!! I have had the best & worst days of my life with them but I bleed blue. They are the love of my life!! #coyb #ipswichtilidie
Lizzie K
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