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Meet Grace Bailey...

Grace Bailey is an avid football fan and a proud ambassador for Her Game Too, representing Oxford United. Growing up with her mother's roots in Oxford, Grace has been a loyal supporter of the club for the past 28 years. Football runs in her blood, and she has always been a Yellow.

As a regular match-goer and member of the Oxford United Supporters Panel, Grace attends games with her parents and is passionate about promoting football as an inclusive sport for all genders. Her dedication to the sport has led her to become a strong advocate for female football fans, striving to make the game more accessible to women.

Apart from her love for football, Grace is also an animal lover and was involved in charity work for a decade. She ran a charity with a friend and volunteers at various charities within her community. Through her commitment to both football and community service, Grace is a true inspiration for all.


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MARCH 2022

In March 2022, Oxford United Football Club announced a partnership with Her Game Too.

Oxford United’s Managing Director Niall McWilliams said:

“We are fully behind what Her Game Too stands for and proud to be highlighting this important work this weekend. The club belongs to the fans and we will always work to improve the experience for absolutely everyone who comes to see us play.”



As part of our partnership, Her Game Too's branding and advertising is prominently displayed at the Kassam Stadium, Oxford United's home ground.

The Her Game Too logo can be seen on the big screen and LED advertising boards. The aim is to raise awareness of our mission, and to ensure female fans at Oxford United feel safe and welcome.



Oxford United have now hosted two dedicated Her Game Too fixtures at the Kassam Stadium, which is a celebration of the partnership and their female fans, staff and players. 

The fixtures have been led by Grace Bailey, our Oxford United Ambassador, who has ensured the messaging of Her Game Too was present around the stadium.

This initiative builds on Oxford United's existing partnership with Her Game Too, which has already seen the club support a range of initiatives to promote women's football and raise awareness of the challenges faced by female players, staff and fans.

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In a recent event hosted by Oxford United, a panel of female role models from the club shared their experiences working in a male-dominated environment. The panel consisted of Amy Craston (head of medic), Gemma Sims (women's team general manager), Robyn Cowen (pundit), Kath Faulkner (assistant women's team coach) and Lauren Haynes (ex-captain of Oxford United Women). The event aimed to showcase the diverse range of jobs available within football and to inspire other women to pursue careers in this industry. The panelists discussed the challenges they have faced and the opportunities they have had, highlighting the importance of hard work, determination, and support networks in achieving success.


Her Game Too flags supplied by The Badgeman Ltd, LED artwork by Leah Davis and T-Shirt printing by KN Office Supplies.

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