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Mae pêl-droed yn gêm i BAWB.

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At Her Game Too Cymru, our mission is to ignite a movement that spreads the principles of Her Game Too throughout every corner of Wales. Through collaboration with clubs, passionate supporters, and dedicated organisations, we are committed to raising awareness and fostering dialogue about inclusivity in football. Our central aim is to champion diversity at football matches across Wales, with a special focus on enriching the atmosphere of national team games.

We aspire to engage not only with the Cymru and Adran Leagues in Wales, but also with the English Football League, as some Welsh clubs play in their leagues. By partnering with these leagues and organisations, we seek to catalyse change on a broader scale, influencing policies and practices that promote inclusivity and diversity within the football community. Together, we envision a future where football truly represents and welcomes everyone, creating an inclusive space for all to enjoy the beautiful game.

An Evening with Her Game Too Cymru

An Evening with Her Game Too Cymru

An Evening with Her Game Too Cymru

Her Game Too Cymru x Amar Cymru

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We appreciate support from anyone who wishes to wear the Her Game Too Cymru logo with pride. If you'd like to champion our message by printing the logo onto kits, banners or other assets - please click the link below for a free download of the Her Game Too Cymru logo!

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