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Football is a game for all

Football Home: Welcome

Alex Scott

"I want people - boys and girls - to be sat at home watching me alongside the likes of Rio Ferdinand or Frank Lampard, thinking that it's normal, that we all know what we're talking about, and that they're not judging me at home just because I'm a female."

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Here at Her Game Too, we are a group of female supporters who are passionate about football and working to eradicate sexism in the football industry. We want women and girls of all ages to feel confident and safe sharing their opinion about football both online and in real life without fear of sexist abuse.

Football Home: Who We Are

Want to help?

Reporting helps to create a culture of zero tolerance for sexist behaviour, which can lead to a more inclusive and respectful environment for everyone.

By volunteering, you can help us in a variety of ways, from raising awareness through social media to organising events and campaigns in your community.

Becoming a patron for Her Game Too is a great way to support our efforts to donate kit and equipment to girls who are striving to progress in sports.

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We appreciate the support from anyone who wishes to wear the Her Game Too logo with pride. If you'd like to champion our message by printing the logo onto kits, banners or other assets - please click the link below for a free download of the Her Game Too logo!

Support & Sponsorship

Her Game Too are proudly sponsored by GR.IT Consultancy.

We would like to express a huge thank you to our Patrons:

Stacey May
Saud Rana
Matthew Maguire
Marvin Herron
Phil Gater
John Craig

Mark Thompson
Liam Underwood
Alex Wiltshire
Nick Bryan
Stuart Terry
Natalie Atkinson
Liam Palmer
Francesca Hall
Luciana Smithson
Rachel Baldwin
Richard Aquilina
Mike Reagan
Jordan Lucas

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