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Bhumika Mistry

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Bhumika Mistry's journey with Leyton Orient began with a single game that changed everything. From the moment she set foot in Brisbane Road, she fell in love with the club's spirit and atmosphere. Her passion for Leyton Orient quickly grew, and she is now a dedicated season ticket holder.

Determined to make a difference, Bhumika joined Her Game Too, joining us to create a more inclusive environment in football. With a mission to show people from minority backgrounds that Leyton Orient is a warm and welcoming community, she's working with the club to increase the presence of women at Brisbane Road.

Bhumika is living proof that women can enjoy football at Orient, and she is committed to inspiring others to share in the excitement and joy that she has found in supporting her beloved team.

Oldham Athletic: Meet the Team



In December 2023, Leyton Orient officially partnered with Her Game Too, becoming the 75th football league club to do so. This partnership also means Her Game Too are affiliated with LOFT (Leyton Orient Fans Trust).

Bhumika came on board shortly after the announcement when she applied for the Ambassador role.


Olivia Worsfold, Female Development Officer at Leyton Orient, stated:
“We are really pleased to be teaming up with Her Game Too alongside Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust. It’s a great opportunity to develop our matchday experience for all of our female fans.  We pride ourselves on being a family club and want all fans to feel included when attending any matchday or event at Leyton Orient, and partnerships like this will only strengthen that ethos. We are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

A spokesperson for LOFT said:

“For far too long now, sexism has been allowed to exist within our football grounds and the male game, and we hope that this coming together of three committed organisations will enhance the atmosphere at Brisbane Road for female fans, and for it to be an environment which is free from misogyny".



Shortly after the announcement, the club and LOFT were quick to plan a dedicated fixture for Her Game Too at Brisbane Road. 

The fixture was unfortunately postponed and has now been moved into the new season. Keep your eyes peeled for the details of the re-arranged fixture!



Her Game Too have two player advocates for Leyton Orient, with Jordan Graham and Grace Alexander quickly signing up to supporting our campaign. 

Jordan and Grace will both use their platforms to raise awareness of sexism in football, and inspire others to take action against discrimination.



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