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Her Game Too Cymru have forged a significant partnership with the Football Association of Wales' Genero Adran Leagues and JD Cymru Leagues.

The partnership between Her Game Too Cymru and the top tiers of the Welsh domestic leagues across the men’s and women’s game signifies a united effort to promote inclusivity and equality in Welsh football, making strides towards a more diverse and welcoming sport for all.

Having successfully worked with clubs and organisations within the English football pyramid since May 2021, Her Game Too has swiftly evolved into a formidable advocate for female fans across the UK. In March 2023, the Cymru branch was launched with the aim of extending this support to fans, players, and staff across Wales.

Genero Adran Leagues and JD Cymru Leagues logo alongside Her Game Too Cymru's Gêm Hi Hefyd logo on HGT's dark background of female fans holding yellow scarves

Roopa Vyas, Director of Her Game Too, underlined the importance of this expansion, stating: "Creating Her Game Too Cymru allows us to shine a spotlight on the remarkable work already being done to bolster the women's game in Wales and women in football, whilst reaching a different audience. By partnering with both the JD Cymru Leagues and Genero Adran Leagues, we will work as a collective to ensure that pêl-droed truly is a game for all in Wales."

Her Game Too, to date, have formed partnerships with over seventy professional clubs across the UK, including 10 Welsh clubs, however the partnership with both the Genero Adran Leagues and JD Cymru Leagues marks a pivotal moment in Her Game Too’s journey, being the first partnership formed with National Leagues.

Elements of this partnership will include Her Game Too working with Clubs across the Genero Adran Leagues and JD Cymru Leagues to discuss the importance of creating a safe space for women at matches, championing female role models across the game, in addition to an annual dedicated game week to promote the Her Game Too message to all members of the Welsh football family.

Nick Davies, Senior Competitions Manager at the FAW said: “Football is a game for everyone, and it is important all members of the football family support in creating an environment where women & girls feel respected and empowered across the game in Wales.

“I look forward to seeing the work of our staff and Clubs across the Genero Adran Leagues and JD Cymru Leagues with Her Game Too Cymru and the positive difference this can make for our female fans, staff and players across the country.”

Her Game Too is here to support anybody who has experienced or witnessed sexism.

Please report any incidents at:


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