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By Faye Hackwell

Cardiff City Football Club has a new Her Game Too Ambassador, as Kacie Evans replaces Brittany Laing in the role. 


Kacie has been attending Cardiff City matches home and away for 15 years, since her grandparents introduced her to the club - and she still goes to watch the Bluebirds with them today. 


She said: “I have adored the team since I was a child so it is a huge part of my life. 

Kacie as a young bluebird


“I will be honoured to represent Cardiff through Her Game Too to promote that females deserve to be fans and have a space in the community as much as males. 


“I’ve been subject to gender discrimination both at football and on social media, directly and indirectly, and while these were only smaller incidents, I have also witnessed gender discrimination on a larger scale online and at matches.  


Kacie and Bartley at Her Game Too's dedicated fixture at the CCS

“Seeing this makes me want to strive for equality even more.” 


Kacie hopes to see Her Game Too continue to grow with her in her new role and is excited to get started.  


“I would like to be a point of contact for any females who have struggled with gender discrimination and I would also like to be seen as a role model for younger female fans to show them that they belong with our club.  


“As a female fan myself, I truly believe in this campaign and that it will change the future of sexism in football and in sport.” 

Brittany is stepping aside from the role as she awaits the arrival of her first baby next month, but she plans to continue supporting the campaign as part of the Her Game Too Cymru team.  


Brittany said: “It was a really difficult decision stepping down as Cardiff City’s Her Game Too Ambassador, however with our baby due in June, and not knowing when I’ll be returning to watch the Bluebirds regularly, I knew that it was for the best to step aside. 


“This enables someone else to come in who can give the role the focus, time and dedication it deserves. 


“I’m so pleased that Kacie is stepping in as my replacement and I know the role is in good hands. 


“I’m proud of the positive relationship I’ve been able to help set up between the club and Her Game Too and know that this will continue to grow, with Kacie ensuring that Cardiff City fans know they have a voice and support if ever needed - best of luck to Kacie! 


“Despite it being hard to come to my decision to step down, I don’t think I would be able to step away from this amazing campaign completely. 


“It means so much to me being a part of it - knowing the positive changes it’s making in paving a way for inclusivity for future generations. 


“I’m pleased that the campaign’s directors have enabled me to continue being part of the Her Game Too Cymru team, to continue spreading the message of the campaign far and wide across Wales. 


“I hope that once my little girl has grown up and - hopefully! - we’re attending football together, I’ll be able to provide even more support to the campaign in spreading the message that football is a game for all.” 


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