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We are thrilled to announce that the Wiltshire Cricket Board (WCB) have become the latest to pledge their support of Her Game Too Cricket and become partners. 

Overseeing the recreational game across Wiltshire, the governing body has a vision of “inspiring a lifelong love and involvement in Cricket for all of Wiltshire”.

Working with clubs, leagues, associations and the wider cricketing community, WCB are committed to driving "positive change and promote inclusivity in our sport.” 

Recognising that there is more the game can do to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcoming, Wiltshire Cricket launched their “Opening Up” campaign in 2021. 

This Inclusivity and Diversity programme, designed to be “a call to action for the cricket community in Wiltshire to get behind the aspiration of being a fully inclusive sport”, runs alongside the development of the Board’s EDI Action Plan. 

Through a partnership, Her Game Too Cricket is excited to support the Wiltshire Cricket Board in their drive for an inclusive future and continuing our commitment to fighting against sexism within cricket.  

On the announcement of the partnership, Pete Sykes, Director of Wiltshire Cricket Board, said the following: “At Wiltshire Cricket, we care passionately about Cricket being a game for all and most importantly a game in which everyone feels welcome at whatever level and in whatever role they wish to participate. 


We are committed to driving out all forms of discrimination within the Sport and believe that Cricket should be leading in the ambition to make sport truly equitable in its opportunities and its culture. 


With all these things in mind, we are delighted to be partnering with Her Game Too; we fully support the vision, values and mission of the organisation and look forward to working together to drive the future of Women and Girls Cricket in our county.“ 


To learn more, you can visit Wiltshire Cricket Board’s website: 

Paige Caunce, Director of Cricket at Her Game Too, said: “We are delighted to say that we are partnering with the Wiltshire Cricket Board ahead of what is set to be a huge cricket season. 

The Board’s work within the community, engaging a wider audience through cricket and improving their experience of the game, has laid a great foundation and we are looking forward to working together and building on those efforts. 

The campaign is incredibly encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by the WCB team whilst establishing this partnership and we want to thank them for their continued support.” 

Lucy Ford, Co-Founder and Director of Her Game Too, said: “Her Game Too are delighted to announce our newest county board partnership with Wiltshire Cricket. 

Wiltshire Cricket align with our values and have already been making amazing process in growing the women and girls’ game and also ensure that cricket is a safe space for everyone to enjoy the sport. 

We are so pleased to be working together to spread our message that cricket is a game for all and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.” 

If you have experienced or witnessed sexism/misogyny within cricket in Wiltshire, you can make a report through the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) via a form on their website – HERE




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