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Her Game Too Cricket are happy to announce that we are partnering with Capital Kids Cricket’s Women’s Indoor London Sixes League. 

Bringing together both Men’s and Women’s teams for a fast-paced, action-packed cricket

league, the London Sixes is an annual fundraising competition that has been ran by Capital Kids Cricket since 2012. 

Capital Kids Cricket (CKC), a youth development charity that uses cricket to overcome societal challenges and empower young people, was founded in 1989 by two passionate cricket supporters who had a desire to address the lack of cricket on offer in London and to regenerate cricket within state schools. 

As the charity gained momentum, CKC began working with other initiatives that shared a similar focus on establishing cricket in state schools. Working alongside the London Schools’ Cricket Association (LCCA) and the London Schools Cricket Project (LSCP), they were able to operate across 19 London boroughs. 

Since it’s conception, the charity’s mission has remained the same; using “cricket to unify people regardless of their differences – both socially and culturally – and bring communities together.” 

One of the ways in which the charity works to use cricket as a tool for inclusivity is through hosting a range of festivals and cricket leagues, bringing together a range of people from different backgrounds who all have a shared interest: cricket. 

London Sixes is one of the competitions that CKC hosts and has been a huge success since it was first launched in 2012. Owing to its success, CKC expanded and, in 2018, introduced a Youth London Sixes for young people aged 13 to 16. This year has seen a new development with the competition as, for the first time, they have ventured into Indoor cricket through the development of the Women’s Indoor London Sixes League – our latest partner. 

The first indoor league to include teams from Surrey, Middlesex and Essex, as well as a university team who play BUCS, the Women’s Indoor London Sixes League is an exciting indoor competition that commenced in January 2024 and runs until March. 

Comprising of five teams; Wanstead, Stoke Newington, North London, UCLWCC and South East London Giants, the tournament is played over 10 weeks at Mossbourne Victoria Park, in Hackney, followed by a finals week where the champion will be crowned on 25th March. 


Applying regular Indoor Cricket rules, the games are spiced up with an additional power play over in which teams have the opportunity to score double runs. Playing in pairs, each team member is given a hit in the middle and, to ensure that everyone can get involved, there is a rule in place that every player must bowl an over. 

As we reached the final stages of the first edition of the Women’s Indoor London Sixes League, Her Game Too Cricket are thrilled to be partnering with an initiative that embodies our core beliefs of empowering women and girls within cricket and providing opportunities to get involved in the sport. After an incredibly successful start to the competition, we are excited to work together and be a part of the journey. 

Shahdiul Alam, CEO of Capital Kids Cricket, said: “Capital Kids Cricket are delighted to be welcoming Her Game Too Cricket as a partner for the London Sixes and look forward to working together in future.” 

“This partnership will help to introduce more women and girls to cricket, promote the league and the game as one to be enjoyed and loved by everyone.” 

Lucy Ford, Director of Her Game Too and Lead Team Member at Her Game Too Cricket, said: “We are so pleased to be partnering up with the Women’s Indoor London Sixes League.” 


“It is brilliant to see the Women’s Indoor London Sixes League encompass teams across three counties, as well university teams, which will hopefully encourage more women and girls to get into cricket.“ 


“By working together, we can build on the league’s work to provide a safe space for everyone to enjoy cricket.” 


“We would like to thank everyone at the Women’s Indoor London Sixes League for their support in getting this partnership up and running and we look forward to working with the league to ensure that cricket is a game for all.”  

To learn more about Capital Kids Cricket and their work... 



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