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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

By Faye Hackwell

AFC Wimbledon are the latest club to partner with Her Game Too.

The London club already has a system in place for spectators to report any incidents of

discrimination or abuse on match days and is stepping up its efforts to tackle sexism within

football by becoming a partner club.

Earlier this year, a group of female AFC Wimbledon supporters launched the Women of

Wimbledon Supporters Association (WOWSA) to encourage supporter diversity and

enhance the experience for women and girls at the club.

Danny Macklin, Managing Director of AFC Wimbledon, said: “As a real community club,

we’re constantly striving to be inclusive by providing football opportunities for all, whether

that be through participation in our foundation programmes or attending games.

“As with most clubs, only 20 percent of our matchday attendees are women or girls and we want to change this significantly.

“We welcome initiatives that encourage more girls and women to attend our games or take

part in activities and we’re always striving to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere at our

matches for existing fans and new supporters.”

Caz May, Founder of Her Game Too and Ambassador for Bristol Rovers, said: “We are

thrilled to partner with AFC Wimbledon - a club that shares our commitment to promoting

gender equality and supporting women’s involvement in football.

“The formation of WOWSA is testament to the club’s commitment to inclusivity and we are

proud to be supporting their journey towards stamping our sexism in football.

“We believe that working with AFC Wimbledon will create a positive and empowering work

environment, where both the club and Her Game Too can support one another.

“When women come together to support each other, they create a sense of community and

solidarity that fosters growth and success.

“By working together alongside our male allies, we can break down barriers, challenge

stereotypes and promote gender equality.

“We look forward to this exciting partnership.”

Among the club’s female staff are AFC Wimbledon Women’s General Manager, Sophia

Axelsson, and Rebecca Markham, who works as Ticketing Manager and is also Her Game

Too Ambassador for Portsmouth Football Club.

Rebecca said: “I look forward to working with my colleagues at Her Game Too and AFC Wimbledon to continue our ongoing commitment to being an inclusive club where sexism is not tolerated - in the workplace, on the pitch or at games.”

Sophia added: “We are already doing so many things well here at AFC Wimbledon and we

are a family friendly, community-driven club that is lucky to have some fantastic women involved.

“We need to always continue beating that drum and push to make this space an even more

inclusive one for women and girls.”


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