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Her Game Too is now partnered with Maccabi Selly Oak, an all Jewish Women’s football team based in Birmingham.

Maccabi Selly Oak is the first and largest Jewish women’s team on campus at the University of Birmingham, consisting of 40 dedicated members. Sam Ucko, Founder and Manager of the team, expresses excitement for this partnership.

“We really believe in the Her Game Too cause and are looking forward to helping them grow in the Jewish community.”

Ucko was first introduced to Her Game Too by a current Ambassador of HGT, Kate Lewers.

“I was introduced to HerGameToo through the work of Women of Watford and Kate Lewers. It was a fantastic presence on social media that made the movement prominent to us, and encouraged us to build the partnership.”

Maccabi Selly Oak was first formed in November 2022 due to a severe lack of Jewish football teams, especially for women.

“I believe there are deep institutional problems within the Jewish community, where women's football has not been promoted enough. Women have not been given the opportunities to grow as a team, and this is problematic.

“I got a group of us together, and our first session was just eight people joining together for a kickabout. We now have just under forty members, and one or two sessions a week where we have training sessions and play matches.

“[Our first challenge] was breaking down the stigma that girls can play football for fun without being competitive. It was tough getting the girls to believe they can play football, and to believe in their ability, but now they are realising how good they are.”

Other notable members of the team include Jess Kosky, Head of Social Media and Promotional Content, and Talia Rich and Tamzin Lester as Co-Captains.

Maccabi Selly Oak are grateful for their sponsors in Press Box PR and WD18: The Watford Fan Channel. Like Her Game Too, Ucko and Maccabi Selly Oak recognize the importance of continuing to break barriers in order to enhance the game for women and girls everywhere.

“The main objective is to create a legacy in the Jewish community that women can play football, both in school's and on university campuses'. We want equality and fairness for both men and women. We also want to continue growing and inspire others to set up teams.”

For more information or to follow the team, you can visit their instagram profile @MaccabiSellyOak_women.


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