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By Tristan Davis Her Game Too is proud to announce Dionne Manning as the Fan Ambassador for Luton Town LFC.

As a former player for Luton Town Ladies, Dionne brings experience and knowledge to her role in partnering with clubs to spread awareness for HGT’s mission.

“I have been a female player and coach for the last 12 years. As a player, I was surrounded by mostly women so I had quite a good experience in that environment. But as a coach coaching a boys team, I have experienced derogatory comments from fellow coaches and even players on the opposite team.

“I wanted to become an Ambassador for HGT as I know some of the struggles females face being involved or trying to be involved in the women’s game first hand, and I want to raise awareness in the hope that one day females in football won’t have to face sexism.”

Now as an HGT Fan Ambassador, Dionne is all about encouraging more females to participate in football and to not let limitations be a factor.

“I hope to raise awareness so females know where and how to report things and also raise awareness of the female game by trying to get as many females as I can to our [Luton Town Ladies] games. I also encourage females not to be scared to get involved or think that they can’t. With HGT behind them we can support.”


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