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By Tristan Davis

From playing youth football, to watching her daughter follow in her footsteps, the new HGT Ambassador for Leeds United is now contributing to help make football inspiring and inclusive.

Levi Macleod’s love for football started at an early age.

“I was brought up with a Leeds United dad, so I've followed them ever since. We used to keep our eyes on the scores on teletext!

“My favourite memory was the first time back in the stadium after we [Leeds United] were promoted to the Premier League. The stadium was electric, the fans had flags put on each of the seats, everyone was genuinely buzzing and it was a fantastic atmosphere. It was so good to be able to share that moment not just with my family, but with thousands of other fans too!”

Levi’s love for the game extended outside her home and the stadium. She played football as a youngster, and now years later, watches her daughter enjoy the same sport she did.

“The feeling I got when playing a match with my friends, I knew I wanted my daughter and her friends to experience that. She then fell in love with the game just like I did, and joined the squad permanently.

“Seeing how much my daughter loves football by wanting to play it, watch it, improve within it, and talk about it, makes me want to get every girl I possibly can to play football. Getting involved with an amazing campaign like Her Game Too will really help me be able to try and achieve this.

“I want girls to be able to play, watch, improve, and talk about football with confidence and passion, and to figure out a way with Leeds United on what we could do together for the community of girls playing football in local areas to keep them inspired and included.”

Levi’s goal as a HGT Fan Ambassador centres around unity, safety, and inspiration for the next generation of young girls.

“I would love to see Her Game Too partnered with every club from the Premier League to the National League to ensure that we can get female supporters of these teams to know they can watch and talk within a safe environment.

“I would love for the ambassadors and advocates of the clubs to be able to work alongside their club to get into the community to help grassroots teams to be able to keep inspiring young girls to get involved.”

Read the press release from Leeds United here:


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