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By Tristan Davis

Her Game Too is pleased to announce Angie Bolton-Sykes as the new HGT Ambassador for Manchester City F.C.

Welcome to the team Angie Bolton-Sykes. Manchester City Ambassador

“I wanted to be an Ambassador as I think Her Game Too is fantastic for highlighting and helping to get rid of sexism in the sport. The ability to reach out to grassroot teams and show what good support looks like from a young age is a great way to protect the future safety for all.”


As a longtime City supporter, Angie feels excited to be part of a cause that can bring together her passion for football and her belief for more equality in the sport.


“I started to support City mainly [because] Liverpool were massive since it was the 80's, and my brother and the rest of my family were Blue. I also saw City as an under-dog team.


“I moved to Fallowfield whilst at Manchester University and I could sit in my garden and listen to the games at Maine Road just one street away. I started to follow them and would walk to Platt Lane and watch them train during the week. I always felt that as a team they were so accessible and friendly, you would always get a wave.

Angie on the Blue Run covered in sky blue paint

 “I have always been confident in my beliefs and able to hold my own and educate those with negative views.


“I want Man City to be the leaders, to create the template of what good looks like for supporting the eradication of sexism in sport. I want them to show the rest of the footballing world how to start at grassroots [level] to help educate the players and fans of tomorrow.”


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