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By Tristan Davis

From attending her first match at the age of ten, to working for the club’s ticket office, the new Plymouth Argyle’s Her Game Too Ambassador hopes to create a more positive impact for female fans.

Megan Stone first became a Plymouth Argyle fan when she was ten and thanks her dad for introducing her. She began attending matches more regularly a few years later and calls her experience since then a “whirlwind”.

“Some of the highlights for me have been: seeing my team play at Anfield and Stamford Bridge and, of course, securing promotion to the Championship as champions last season.”

Despite the excitement, something else stood out to her back when she attended her first match. “I went to my first game when I was 10 and there was a sense that I didn’t really “fit in” which is why I didn’t continue to go.”

Years later, “I then got a job at the club, at the ticket office, and heard stories of other women who had derogatory comments made to them and it shocked me. That’s when I realised it was a problem as I continually heard more and more incidents. When HGT was formed I was in awe of the wonderful ladies who founded it, and I instantly wanted to be involved - and now, luckily, I am!”

Megan is not an entirely new face to HGT, originally joining as an advocate for Plymouth Argyle. “I originally was an advocate at Plymouth Argyle underneath Emma, our previous Ambassador, and I thought the work she got involved in looked like so much fun, but also beneficial to all women and young girls out there.”

“When I got the chance to step up, it was a no-brainer as I am determined to continue all the great work that’s already happened at Argyle and develop it further and put my own stamp on things.”

Now as an Ambassador, Megan is ready to take on a more supportive role and wants females of all ages to feel comfortable attending games. She would also like to see more positive impact not just in football, but in other sports as well.

“I’d love to see a time where it’s rare to see a club that is not involved with the campaign, and I’d love to see football, rugby and all other stadiums filled with just as many female supporters, as well as seeing more aspiring young ladies fulfilling their dreams of working within sports too.”


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