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By Faye Hackwell

Aldershot Town and their community arm, the Shots Foundation, are now partnered with Her Game Too.

The National League outfit is showing its support for making football a game for all and championing women in the sport by teaming up with the campaign.

The Hampshire club is aiming to celebrate the partnership when the men’s first team hosts Oldham Athletic later this season on March 9, which is their closest home fixture to International Women’s Day 2024, as well as continuing to supply free sanitary products in their stadium toilets.

Aldershot Town Chairman Shahid Azeem said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Her

Game Too.

“Aldershot Town is a club that cares a lot about the community surrounding us and we’re always looking at ways we can improve the experience of our supporters visiting the EBB Stadium.

“We hope that this partnership can help us provide a safe and welcoming experience for our female fans and explore new ways of promoting women’s involvement in all aspects of the game.

“We’ve recently formed some female teams within our academy and the girls have started fantastically so far this season.

“We’re certainly looking to grow our involvement and partnering with Her Game Too is a great start to looking into the best ways to do so.”

The Shots Foundation works with nearby schools, community groups, charities and organisations to improve the lives of local people and provide opportunities for them, through fundraising initiatives and projects promoting inclusion.

Sir John Casey, Chair of Trustees for the Shots Foundation, said: “Football is a sport like no other and this means it can be played by anyone.

“The number of new participants has grown in the past two decades and these new participants are from all the diverse sections of our society.

“The Shots Foundation and Aldershot Town Football Club are pledging their support to Her Game Too as part of their ongoing commitment to being an inclusive club and helping promote football as a game for all.

“Shots fans will be justifiably proud of this.

“Our aim is to make our football club and our stadium welcoming to girls and women and to do that, we need ideas, support and energy from all our supporters alongside our own commitment and resources.

“Help us make Aldershot Town Football Club even better – for everyone!”

Jen Middleton, Her Game Too Ambassador for Hampshire, said: “With this partnership, I hope to spread the Her Game Too initiative to a wider audience through the National League and Aldershot’s local community.

“I hope being linked with Her Game Too will help champion girls and women to speak out and empower them - be that on the pitch or in the stands.”


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