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Addressing Equality and Respect for Women in Football Clubs: A Collaborative Effort

Her Game Too and White Ribbon UK acknowledge the pervasive challenges surrounding equality and respect for women within football clubs. As organisations committed to fostering inclusivity and promoting positive change, we are joining forces to address these issues collectively and proactively. "We fully support Her Game Too and the difference they make by engaging with clubs to make football an inclusive sport for all," states Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK. "We hope to bring the expertise of White Ribbon UK to support them, enabling culture change and engage men and boys to lead that positive change in all clubs." With a shared vision to create a safe and equitable environment for women within football, Her Game Too with the support of White Ribbon UK, will focus on supporting clubs where intervention is most crucial. Through our collaboration, we aim to facilitate lasting cultural changes that will make football a sport that respects and values women's participation at all levels. It is our firm belief that every club, regardless of its stature, must actively embrace gender equality and respect for women. Clubs deemed to be falling short of Her Game Too's required equality standards, will be placed under partnership suspension. However, we emphasise that this suspension is an opportunity for redemption rather than a permanent exclusion. It is important to acknowledge that Her Game Too does not have the powers to sanction clubs. Therefore, we aim to communicate with governing bodies within football to monitor the progress of clubs. Clubs under partnership suspension will have the chance to work proactively with Her Game Too to address the identified issues and demonstrate positive progression towards creating an inclusive and respectful environment for women. By collaborating closely and embracing change, we believe that football clubs can serve as models of equality and respect within their communities. Together, we will strive for a future where football is celebrated as a sport that values women, empowers them, and paves the way for a more inclusive and equal society.

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