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Her Game Too’s new Ambassador for Ebbsfleet United is looking forward to promoting

football as a game for all, as the club embarks on a new season back in the fifth tier of

English football.

Katie Lovell has supported the Kent club since childhood, when it was called Gravesend and

Northfleet before being renamed in 2007.

“My Uncle Derreck has been a Fleet supporter since 1949 after his dad took him to a game and his amazing, consistent support and love for the club has rubbed off on us all,” she said.

“There's nothing I love more than going to matches with my family.”

Following Ebbsfleet has taken Katie to Wembley, where the team beat Torquay to win the FA Trophy in 2008, and last season, she witnessed them winning the National League South to gain promotion back to the National League after being relegated three years ago.

But despite many happy memories over the years, she has witnessed and experienced gender discrimination at games.

“I think nearly every woman who supports and has played football has, at some point, been

made to feel uncomfortable.

“Whether it's chants about women being directed from the crowd or someone quizzing you

on your football knowledge as if they're testing how good a supporter you are.

“Whether it's direct sexism or indirect, it is still consistently happening to women in sport.”

Katie can recall one upsetting incident when she signed up to play in a charity football

tournament at a former workplace and, when she arrived, found she was the only woman on

the team - something she didn’t think would be a problem.

“When I turned up to play, my manager ran over to tell me that unfortunately the tournament was only for men and women weren't allowed to play.

“I couldn't understand why none of the posters or leaflets stated only men were allowed to


“It was as if it was assumed women wouldn't want to take part.

“I got my mum to pick me up straight away, as I felt I couldn't even watch without feeling


Katie works in sports broadcasting and has seen countless derogatory posts on social media

about female presenters and pundits in sport, so that, combined with her personal

experiences, inspired her to apply to become a Her Game Too Ambassador.

“I have admired Her Game Too for a while since seeing the amazing work the Gillingham

Ambassador Paige Collins has been conducting with her club and how everyone involved

with the campaign has been working hard to spread awareness and eradicate sexism within


“I am honoured to be a part of this campaign and I hope to see Her Game Too feature

further in the mainstream media and continue to do such amazing work for all women in


“I already can't wait for the Fleet season to start and to make more memories with my family

at games.

“It truly is an honour to be part of the Fleet community and I'm hoping we can gain a

partnership with Ebbsfleet and work together to spread the message and raise awareness of

sexism within football.”


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