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By Limara Salt

Her Game Too is delighted to announce Georgia Theodoulou as a new Her Game Too Ambassador for Arsenal FC men's team.


“I've been following Her Game Too for a while now and I’ve been really impressed by the work and the message they get out there. So when I saw HGT were looking for an ambassador for the Arsenal men's team, it seemed like the perfect fit!”


Georgia comes from a passionate family of Gooners (the nickname for Arsenal fans), so her first connection with the club was before she can even remember.


“My dad enjoys telling people that when my parents brought me home from hospital, he sat down with me and watched Match of the Day – he loves that that was the first TV show I ever watched. He’s a hardcore Gooner and the whole family from my siblings to nieces and nephews are supporters. I remember playing football in the garden with my dad but as he’s super competitive he never let me win!”


As well as the 2003/2004 season and the vivid memories of the golden years of Thierry Henry, Georgia has also watched Arsenal lead the way in the women’s game. “Watching the growth of the women's team has been really special, and The Arsenal Women’s Supporters Club is one of the best football communities that helped create a really inclusive environment.”


Inclusivity in football and sports overall is important to Georgia, especially with women and other marginalised groups constantly attacked on social media and deterred from the game as a result.


“Social media is a really horrible place to be a female football fan right now. As soon as I talk about the men's game I'll always get an anonymous guy firing back, and I've seen other fans receive much worse. As women we are constantly having to prove our right to be a football fan or are faced with someone trying to invalidate us. It's exhausting.”


Georgia is determined to make a difference and can’t wait to get involved with Her Game Too.


“I’d like to see the HGT campaign in every club and every stadium across the UK, from grassroots to elite. HGT is already international, but the potential is enormous. The football training centres, the educational opportunities – I­ see a very bright and inclusive future ahead and I'm excited to be part of it.”


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