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Her Game Too Cricket are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Lord’s Taverners.  

Founded in 1950, Lord’s Taverners is the U.K.'s leading youth cricket and disability sport charity that empowers young people facing the challenges of inequality through cricket. 

Embracing disability cricket, the charity engages with young people from areas of deprivation across the UK to provide youngsters with the opportunities to enjoy cricket, as well as socialise and develop wider skills. 

Their programmes provide a range of opportunities for young people living with disabilities and those from disadvantaged areas to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities. 

Super 1s gives young people with a disability aged 12-25 the chance to play regular, competitive cricket. As part of the programme, participants are given the chance receive coaching, compete with their peers and experience the benefits that playing cricket can bring. 

Delivered through sustainable community cricket hubs, Wicketz is designed for young people aged 8-19, living in disadvantaged communities. By providing year-round cricket sessions, the programme aims to break down barriers to participation. 

Table Cricket is specially designed to give young people with a disability the opportunity to play and learn about cricket. Participants must use their knowledge of the game and strategic thinking in this adapted version of cricket that is played on a table tennis table with teams of six taking it in turn to bowl or bat. 

By collecting a range of useable cricket equipment from across the U.K., Lord’s Taverners are able to provide previously inaccessible kit to youngsters through their Cricket Kit Recycling programme. 

Established in September 2022, the Cricket in SEND Schools programme aims to reach more than 20,000 young people as part of the Lord’s Taverners’ ambition to engage all 1,500 SEND (ALN in Wales) schools and mainstream school specialised units across England, Wales and Scotland. 

To learn more about Lord’s Taverners’ programmes and how to get involved, you can visit their website: 

Lord’s Taverners’ mission is simple: by delivering “high quality cricket programmes that will empower young people facing inequality to make positive choices, improve their health and wellbeing and achieve positive outcomes.”, the charity aims to help “every young person overcome the challenges of inequality and achieve their potential.” 

With a passion for equality and a drive to be at the very heart of social change, Her Game Too Cricket are delighted to be partnering with an organisation that aligns with the values of the campaign. 

Katie Holland, Youth Engagement Coordinator for Lord’s Taverners, had the following to say regarding the announcement: “Our new partnership with Her Game Too is an exciting milestone for Lord’s Taverners on our journey to increase female participation on our programmes. 


From focus groups last summer, we know that women and girls from our programmes have been ridiculed, called names or laughed at for playing what's perceived to be a 'man's game', so we are thrilled to be supporting Her Game Too's campaign to tackle this damaging narrative about the sport, which not only deters women from playing cricket but also has damaging effects on the mental wellbeing of those who do play. 


At Lord's Taverners we are passionate about creating an 'I can play' mentality for ALL, and we’re committed to ensuring our programmes are a safe place for women and girls to enjoy cricket, make new friends and have fun without judgement.”


Paige Caunce, Director of Cricket at Her Game Too, said: “It brings us great pleasure to announce that we are partnering with the illustrious Lord’s Taverners. 

The work that the charity has invested in over the decades has spread the joy and benefits of cricket to those who would have previously never been able to engage with the sport we know and love. Their achievements are awe inspiring and emphasise that cricket can truly be a game for all if we work together. 

This partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to engage with the cricketing community, develop alliances and strive towards an inclusive future within the sport. 

Her Game Too Cricket are grateful for the opportunity to be able to join forces with Lord’s Taverners and would like to express our gratitude for their support thus far. We are excited for what the future may hold for the partnership.” 

Lucy Ford, Director and Co-Founder of Her Game Too, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be officially partnering with Lords Taverners. 

It is a real honour to be working alongside such an established charity who for decades have done some incredible work to get children and young people from different backgrounds participating in cricket. 

It is clear that our values align so we are very proud and excited about this partnership, and we look forward to what we can achieve together and to spread our message that cricket is a game for all.” 

To keep up to date with the latest news from the Lord’s Taverners and to find out more about their work, you can subscribe to their newsletter here: 




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