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Mersey Rose Recreational Cricket Club are the latest club to show their support for Her Game Too Cricket by becoming partners.


Founded in 2023, Mersey Rose Recreational Cricket Club (MRRCC) was created with the mission to provide an authentically inclusive environment in cricket after having first-hand experience with the barriers to participation and enjoyment within the game.


From fighting with the current structure and restrictions, the founders came together with the aim of building a community in which everyone can enjoy cricket, as a player, a volunteer or a spectator.  Their message is simple, “everyone is genuinely welcome.”


Having been inspired by the work of Birmingham Unicorns within the LGBTQ+ community, MRRCC were eager to get involved within this space and bring the game to a wider audience. They are proudly LGBTQ+ inclusive, but their work does not end there.


The club have made it a mission to ensure that they provide a safe and welcoming environment for others. They are dedicated to inclusivity across genders, disabilities, age, ethnicities, social backgrounds and neurodiversity.


“We are a club that is proud to be different, proud to be pioneering and proud to be unashamedly inclusive.”


Playing friendly cricket, Mersey Rose Recs CC run two teams; a Sunday Hardball team and a midweek Softball team. Their members are encouraged to play in whichever format they wish, or even both, with selection not being assessed on ability.

The club are passionate about their commitment to providing cricketing opportunities for women, challenging tired stereotypes and promoting female role models.


“We are committed to removing barriers to women's and girls' participation and are dedicated to inclusive practice to ensure our club provides a welcoming environment for our female members.”


By partnering with Her Game Too Cricket, MRRCC are eager to continue their work within this space in promote women’s visibility and eradicate sexism from the sport.


Anna Page, MRRCC’s Secretary, Women’s Inclusion Lead and Captain of the Softball team, said: “As a club we feel this is a very positive move that sends out a clear signal about what our club's priorities are.


“We are committed to inclusion, and we hope our partnership with Her Game Too can help improve women's participation in cricket while celebrating the incredible roles carried out by so many women already involved in the game.”

"Her Game Too is a terrific campaign and I would encourage more clubs to get behind it."

Mersey Rose Recreational Cricket Club’s Chair, Joe Crossley, is also excited about the future of the partnership. He said: “"Her Game Too is an excellent campaign and it is natural that, as a club who shares their aims, we would want to be associated with them.”


“Women will always have a place in our club but, so long as there is still work to do to achieve full inclusion, there will be a need for clubs like ours and groups like Her Game Too.”


“We believe this partnership will help move women's cricket forward."


Paige Caunce, Director of Cricket at Her Game Too, said: “We are thrilled to have Mersey Rose Recreational Cricket Club on board as partners.”


“By working together, we hope that we can build on the progressive work MRRCC are doing to ensure that cricket is truly a game for all and provide a space for people to enjoy the sport, without fear of discrimination.”


“Sexism has, for far too long, had a place in cricket. It is our hope that through building alliances with clubs like Mersey Rose Recs CC – where women play a prominent role within its playing and governance structure – we can stamp out sexism and encourage more women and girls to get into cricket.”


“We are incredibly thankful to all at MRRCC for their support and are excited to work alongside them in the fight to make cricket a safe place for all.”


Learn more about Mersey Rose Recreational Cricket Club here:



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