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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

By Faye Hackwell

Her Game Too’s new IT partnership with GR.IT Consultancy aims to champion women in

both the technology and football industries.

GR.IT Consultancy is now providing support to all of Her Game Too’s IT services as the campaign’s official IT partner.

Caz May, Her Game Too Founder and Bristol Rovers Ambassador, said: "We are so excited to have GR.IT Consultancy as our official IT partner.

“From a woman who has worked in a tech role for many years, I understand the challenges women face in the industry, so I am delighted to see GR.IT Consultancy taking the lead to inspire more women to get involved in the world of tech.

“This partnership marks a significant step forwards in our journey towards gender equality in

football and the tech industry.

“By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of Her Game Too and GR.IT, we

aim to make lasting changes, challenge stereotypes, and create opportunities for women to

thrive in all fields.

“We are incredibly grateful to GR.IT for their support and for sharing our vision."

The team at GR.IT Consultancy identified with Her Game Too’s ethos of making football a

game for all after witnessing low numbers of females applying for jobs in IT and seeking to

create more opportunities for talented women to shine in the technology industry.

Emma Rampling, Director and Client Liaison at GR.IT Consultancy, said: “We are

champions for women in tech and dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating equal

opportunities for all.

“Working with Her Game Too is a perfect match as we share a common goal of empowering

women and promoting gender equality, both in the tech industry and the world of football.

“Through this exciting partnership, we will join forces to tackle important issues, combining

our expertise in technology and their profound knowledge of the football landscape.

“Together, we aim to create a powerful platform for change, fostering awareness and driving

conversations around sexism in football while leveraging the potential of technology to

amplify our message.”

You can find out more about GR.IT Consultancy here: And follow them on socials here: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram:


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